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Our hiring fee structure (recruiting) has saved clients over $10,000 compared to other recruiting firms.

Case Studies

Handbook and Disciplinary Issues Case Study

Overview:  As a small home elder care franchise, HomeHelpers, based in Downers Grove, Illinois continued to grow they determined they needed a handbook.  They obtained a copy from another franchisee owner but wanted to ensure its’ compliance with state and federal law as well as add their own personal touch to the handbook. 

Solution:  We received the handbook.  Made the necessary changes for compliance, made a few sections more robust and implemented additional pieces at our client’s request.

Impact:  All employees have now received a copy of their handbook.  Not only does this help HomeHelpers in assuring their employees know their responsibilities it provides their employees a sense of security that they are working for a professional firm.  Additionally, our client had an employee violate a company policy.  Had their handbook not been in place outlining the violation, the employee could have rebutted the disciplinary action imposed.  Lastly, their handbook assisted them in passing a recent audit.

HR Forms and Documentation Case Study

Overview:  Our client a small financial advising firm, Capital Management Associates (CMA), located in Lisle, IL wanted to ensure their HR systems were in order.

Solution:  We conducted an HR Audit of their systems and determined that additional HR documents and an employee handbook would be helpful in ensuring their continued growth.

Impact:  Although, rare, as disciplinary action needed to be imposed we provided CMA helpful counseling and the needed disciplinary documents to document subpar performance. 

HR Needs Assessment Case Study

Overview:  Our client, PACT, a not for profit in Lisle, IL recently underwent a change in their human resource personnel.  They were unsure whether they needed an HR person full time or part-time. 

Solution:  We performed an HR needs assessment.  Through the assessment process we assisted in stream lining some of their processes and determined that they really only needed assistance on a part-time basis. 

Impact:  We assisted in PACT decreasing their HR salary budget by 40%. 

Recruiting Case Study

Overview:  A growing small boutique wealth management firm, LDS Wealth Management, in Wheaton, IL had a close family member managing their marketing and was leaving to pursue a career in education.  They needed a replacement.  They met with several recruiting firms, who shared with LDS what type of candidate they needed.

Solution:  Our philosophy is taking the time to get to know our clients and what their needs are and then making suggestions.  Because we listened to what LDS’s needs where they chose HRCS to be their recruiting partner.

Impact:  We found LDS Wealth Management the perfect candidate.  They are extremely pleased with their replacement.

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